SS 2017: Tricot Chic invests in “Beauty”

SS 2017: Tricot Chic invests in “Beauty”

The value of the aesthetic sense are essential characteristics
of the new Spring Summer collection Tricot Chic 2017


Flavio Nava and Mara Martini owners of the brand, are convinced that in a world desensitized by emotions, we should direct towards authentic values, that make of the beauty a precious value.
Not surprisingly, the company presents for Spring Summer 2017 a superlative collection, over the top, presenting the refined mix of themes in an attractive style that will mark the evolution of the brand.
Important topics that will be the strong point for the showrooms in Milan and Paris, who will present the collections to international buyers with focus on markets such as North Europe , Russia , Japan and the United States.

Tricot Chic will be attending with the new SS 2017 Collection the following fashion fairs, besides the next White edition who will take place in Milan, also Coterie New York (Edit section), Who’s Next Paris (Private section) and CPM Moscow.

A Special attention goes to the highest quality materials that are enhanced by carvings , transparencies and overlays in all forms.

The models are of great visual impact, made for four principal themes, DENIM CRUISE, TROPICAL DREAM, ROCKABILLY, BLACK AND GREEN, that between illusion and movement of the fine fabric, dragged away your sight into a seductive alchemy.