TC02_ADV_FW1617_13931 copiaTricot Chic was founded in 1972 and established itself in a few seasons as a leader in the manufacture of evolved knitwear and in original works such as the combination of knit and other materials like fabrics, lace or fur.
This extraordinary craftsmanship, jealously guarded in the “know-how” of skilled experts, enabled the company to win national and international markets, creating a strong brand identity in a peculiar fashion section.
This fall-winter Tricot Chic collection is marked by sober colors, starting from the natural tones of beige to gothic blacks in jacquards and transparencies. Of course all the themes are developed, using best blends of yarns such as wool, mohair and cashmere, which create garments that are warm, precious embraces, perfect to deal with cold climates.
The fall-winter 2016-17 Tricot Chic collection moves within five main themes:

CABLE KNIT – The line reinterprets a classic item of hand-knitting. Hence the work becomes, thanks to hyper-technological techniques and yarns, a new essential or 3D, incredibly soft décor. Every item gives a new sense of “cocooning”, with fur recalls and fun reminders to robots, to give a smile in fashion.

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DAILY BLACK&BEIGE – Inspiration comes from the winter Far North forests , where trunks, whitened by frost, mosses and lichens dominate the landscape. So the top color is a pale beige, framed by sharp black. The result is a natural palette, that plays on the nuances and contrasting volumes. The sweater goes well with pants and skirts with essential and original lengths and cuts.

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LINGERIE – The pink and black appear in models, evoking the high fashion. The knit is lined with silk pleated veils and laces to create tattoo effects, for a new idea of the woman. The corolla skirts points out the minimal volume of knitwear in the top, for a very feminine woman, who knows how to underline the details of fashion.

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BRITISH VINTAGE – Inspired by patterns, found on the shelves of vintage markets of London, this theme is all realized in burgundy, camel and chestnut. The retrò feel is reinterpreted in multicolor fur, combined with tricot worked with ancient machines, to give an oldy effect. The jersey is a light character, easy to match and stratify. It joins big yarns and bright flash of paillettes. A fine idea of modern vintage mood.

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DANDY – This male issue is brought into the female version: the yarns are minimal, dry, perfect to play on the traditional designs. The volumes are very modern and the mix are very “British”. The materials go from the Alpaca fur, to bicolor check patterns, to argyle ones. The male world is the original source of a definitely full of charm and mystery reinterpretation.
All of Tricot Chic themes accompany knitwear with a large choice of corolla- skirts, calf and cigarette pants, to create a full of personality outfit collection. It’s dedicated to women used to create their own style, always unique and original.

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